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Hi! I'm Katy. I "converted" to MFTs in 2009 with my family after a good friend rode with us on a long trail ride and had a really fantastic new horse. We tried a few others out, and after having problematic Quarter Horses, we were hooked on the sweet and sensible nature of Foxtrotters. Soon we had a herd of Foxtrotters!

In 2016, I purchase what would soon become my "heart horse," Cricket. She was unlike others and was much more athletic and responsive, but I loved her sweet attitude. We have competed in barrels, poles, flags, cattle sorting, competitive trail, jumping classes, and want to add cowboy mounted shooting to that list soon!

I married Jacob in 2017, and in 2019 we were able to buy a farm with some land. At the time, we had three red Foxtrotter mares; Cricket, Maeve, and Zen. So the name "Red Mare Run" seemed fitting.

We both loved our Foxtrotters and wanted to start our farm and have some foals, but stallions in Indiana (or close) were in short supply. (By my count, there's currently only three in Indiana) So finally in fall of 2020, my parents were able to purchase The Manhattan Project, aka Bomber. He's been the best stallion to work with and be around, and we are excited to have his foals hitting the ground now!


The original three mares and inspiration of Red Mare Run: Cricket, Zen, and Maeve

Our Stock

Cast Iron's Maya Lilly H '11
aka Cricket

Meet Cricket. She was purchased in 2016 from John Heldt in Bedford, Indiana. Cricket has an incredibly sweet and willing attitude and is also very athletic. I've yet to try something with her that she has refused!  We've done barrels, poles, flags, jumping competitions, competitive trail, mounted archery, cattle sorting, cowboy mounted shooting, and even acted as headless horseman on Connor Prairie's haunted trail!  She is truly an all arounder, and sweeter than sugar.

Royal Cane Sugar '09
aka Maeve

Meet Maeve. We purchased Maeve in 2018 out of Missouri, sight unseen and unbroke! Her story is that she was broke as a three year old, had a bad injury and was turned out to pasture to heal, and wasn't messed with for six years. So when we bought her we had to do a little re-breaking and reminding, but she's a sweet girl with a big motor. Unfortunately, her injury as a three year old is still present as a mechanical lameness which causes her to occasionally stumble, but isn't painful at all. It just limits what we ask of her, but she is very happy to mosey down a trail. 

She does have an unfortunate case of RBF, and keeps her ears laid back 90% of the time. Thankfully she doesn't mean it!

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