Traveler's Chocolate Mocha


17-yr- old buckskin tobiano mare. Willow is a brave and forward -moving mare that loves the trails. She is not a beginner’s horse as she is both very sensitive and can be very opinionated and takes a firm hand occasionally. She does well with a quiet and confident rider. She’s quite happy to walk wherever in the group, front or back. Quite brave on the trail and crosses water and logs easily. Not mareish, can’t tell when she’s in heat and doesn’t squeal at other horses. More go than woah, enjoyed penning cattle, and likes small jumps. Has side pass and half pass. Up to date on vet & farrier, never had any hoof or other health issues. No buck, no rear. Easy to catch, will come running from pasture for grain.

Her story is that she was born and raised on the same farm and never left for fifteen years until her previous owner passed away, the last five of which she was unhandled as her owner was in poor health. We’ve worked with her quite a bit and while she’s definitely much much better, she can still be pushy on the ground (which can be fixed with a quick reminder of who’s boss). (Still not a fan of fly spray or being dewormed however.) She was an uncomplicated broodmare and allowed for daily handling and udder checks. Produced a nice healthy cremello colt. She was my husband’s horse for the last two years, but he’s looking for something a little more athletic now. 6xxx obo, half down will be required to hold her until pickup. Can be re-bred to the same stallion (The Manhattan Project) for a reduced fee if desired, many color options for foal as the stallion is palomino.

Email RedMareRun@gmail.com for videos/pictures